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Special Events

You can count on us for all of your special occasions!

Party Specials

If you have a wedding ceremony coming up, or a weekend gathering chances are you will have lots of guests over at your house.  Ask about our Party Specials for the right choice of meats for your family and friends gatherings.  Tell us how many people you expect to have over and we will give you our expert advice on what to order while staying in your budget.  


Banquet Hall

If you have a banquet hall occasion, whether it be a birthday party, Aqeeqa, weddings, anniversaries, or any occasion you can have your own choice of meats prepared and delivered to your banquet hall.  This ensures the best quality tasting meats for your guests as well as peace of mind that your guest are being served authentic Halal meat.   

Corporate Halal Meats Services

With the growing community of Muslims in Canada there are growing needs of accommodating religious needs.  We have all been to so many nice corporate Christmas Parties, Townhall Meetings, National Conferences that had amazing food selection but lacked any halal choice of meats in the menu.  Give your Muslim employees and guests peace of mind and a great welcoming gesture by offering them a Halal Meat choice at the next corporate occasion.  Let us know when and where your corporate event is being held and our Corporate Halal Meats Services will coordinate with the kitchen staff to prepare the halal dishes separately.  


We provide the highest quality meat for Aqeeqa occasions.  Either a Spring Lamb or a mature Sheep.  The Aqeeqa order should be placed with us at least 2 to 3 days in advance so arrangements for healthy live animals can be made.  We select the highest graded animals for this occasion so that your special Aqeeqa Feast will be memorable.

Qurbani or Udhiyah

According to most of the scholars, Qurbani should be made by all earning men and women.  A Lamb, Goat or Sheep older than 6 months count as 1 Qurbani.  A beef which is over 12 months counts as seven Qurbanis’ and can be shared with 7 people.  

We take reservations for the Qurbani or Udhiyah from about a month in advance.  We will also collect information of what day and what time you would like the meat to be delivered or picked up. On the day of Qurbani, we ourselves offer prayer at the local masjid and head to the slaughterhouse for the slaughtering of the animals on that day.  Ontario Health Ministries only allow shipping out of fresh same day carcases for the Qurbani purpose.  We bring back all the orders to our Mississauga location.  If you joined us at the slaughterhouse you will be able to load up your own vehicle and bring it for faster service as well as getting involved in this beautiful tradition of the Prophet Ibraheem (A.S).