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  • $ 90.00

    The Veal Shoulder includes the front leg, neck  and 3 to 4 ribs as well as small part of the breast cage.  Canadian veal is known for its amazing full of flavor taste and tenderness. Number of Servings in 15 Pounds: 15 to 20 Servings

    $ 90.00
  • $ 64.00

    Beef Nehari is one of the most beloved dishes in the west and East Indian continent.  It's actually pretty easy to make once to learn the whole process.  Try Making it today Number of Servings in 8 Pounds: 10 to 15

    $ 64.00
  • $ 399.00

    This Product when ordered will include;   - 1 Beef Share of approximately 60 to 65 pounds weight (rail weight), including  - Slaughtering of the Beef on the Day of Eid-Al Adha,  - Cutting of the meat into instructed portions and also 

    $ 399.00
  • $ 56.00

    Canadian Veal is know for its amazing full of flavor taste and tenderness.  Veal Boneless is taken from the hip of the veal which has the most popular cuts in the animal. Used widely for Roast, Stew, Slices.  Number of Servings in 8 Pounds: 10 to 12 Servings

    $ 56.00
  • $ 40.00

    Clean cut Chicken Breast Quarters from a guaranteed Halal Hand Slaughtered supplier. 

    $ 40.00
  • $ 65.00

    Premium quality freshly ground beef using meat from beef chuck, brisket & hip. Regular Ground Beef has a fat percentage of approximately 30% fat. 

    $ 65.00
  • $ 49.00

    Halal Meats Canada's Most popular item, Premium Beef boneless hip is used for roasts, stew, kabab, rotissary and many more items.  Have your Boneless Beef sliced, Stewed, Sliced for Passanda, Sliced for Steak. 

    $ 49.00
  • $ 240.00

    Spring Lamb basically means that the animal was born in the spring and was raised for 6 months approximately. Ontario spring lamb is tender, full of flavor and can be used for a variety of different dishes.

    $ 240.00

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